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Structural Engineering

Austin Engineering’s team is ready to design the bones and muscles, as they say, of any structural job small or large. Calculating the stability, strength, and rigidity of structures, the team makes creative and efficient use of funds, structural

elements, and materials to achieve goals that often surpass clients’ expectations. Structural project planning, design, cost estimation, and construction services are delivered for structures comprised of steel, concrete and timber.

The Trail, B.C. company uses fatigue and failure analysis, condition assessments, construction contract review, progress reporting and transmission, and distribution analysis to get the job done.

Structural project planning, design, cost estimation, and construction services are delivered for structures comprised of steel, concrete and timber.

Inspections and Condition Assessments


At Austin Engineering, a large part of our work consists of inspections and condition assessments. We firmly believe that a thorough look into a specific defect provides the premise for any good solution. Inspections may be visual or may involve sensing technologies such as ultrasonic testing.

Austin Engineering uses drones to survey conditions from an aerial perspective as well. We note all deficiencies from the start, streamlining processes to ensure construction stays on track from a safety perspective and for the bottom line.

Design and Construction Management of Timber, Steel and Concrete

Austin Engineering tackles technical challenges with creativity and balanced clarity. We contribute to infrastructure creation in a way that best meets the criteria of the environment while also supporting our client’s vision. Our work begins with the planning and designing stages, developing drawings as a guideline for construction using multiple materials.

We work closely with tradespeople, sharing in the goal of getting the job completed on time and on budget. Construction management of industrial, commercial, municipal, or environmental site development keeps us close to each project. At Austin Engineering, being part of the team that brings a plan to life and sees it through to completion is incredibly satisfying.

Substation and Transmission Design

Austin Engineering offers a wide range of engineering and design services for substations, as well as overhead and underground transmission and distribution. Our team is experienced in all aspects of high voltage substation design. Engineering services include design, drafting, procurement, expediting, and developing specifications for material and equipment.

Our work begins with conceptual development and carries through to providing structural and electrical drawings for facility construction. We have the skills and experience required to successfully undertake the scope of any electrical system project and have a proven track record of excelling at completing larger projects for electrical utility customers or industrial and commercial clients.


Austin Engineering prepares every bridge design for optimal resistance against traffic, wind, earthquakes, and other external forces. We always pay careful attention to traffic patterns, approach angles, barriers, and special requirements such as pedestrian access and utility supports.

Our team is skilled at all components of designing, constructing, and maintaining bridges, including surveying, analyzing, planning, managing, and reporting.