Austin Engineering Ltd.’s Structural Engineering Services

Austin Engineering Ltd., is proud to highlight the skills and services of Structural Engineer, Mehdi Tehrani, M.Sc. Mehdi has expertise in structural analysis and design, on-site inspections and advanced 3D design simulation using the global software leader in structural modeling.

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Austin Engineering Ltd. Environmental Consulting Services

Austin Engineering Ltd., is growing and excited to welcome Civil-Environmental Engineer-in-Training, Heather Hordowick. Heather has joined the team to support our expertise in environmental consulting and offers a variety of services, including Preliminary Site Investigations Stage 1 and 2.

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Mary and Roger Austin on KAST’s ‘You Can Do That Here

Telling others your ideas. Depending on your personality you might see that as terrifying prospect you may not be able to live up to. Or, you may well find like-minded people who want to get behind your idea, help you push them forward, perhaps become your first customer or even help you launch your entire business.

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Austin Engineering Ltd’s, NACE Inspector and Chemical Engineer

Austin Engineering Ltd., is proud to highlight our Chemical Engineer and NACE Inspector, Lauren Roach. As a NACE Inspector, Lauren provides quality assurance for all coating projects and during project planning, she ensures the specifications reflect the application.

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