Austin Engineering has recently renewed its membership with Clean Energy BC (CEBC) in its mission to support British Columbia’s transition to using low-carbon energy. 

As a business that specializes in hydrotechnical engineering and dams, Austin Engineering is committed to bringing CEBC’s vision into fruition by aligning service delivery with a triple bottom line approach and delivering clean energy-centric structures and designs to the Kootenays and greater BC.

CEBC is a leading industry body in the province’s renewable energy sector, which has grown to provide around 16% of British Columbia’s energy. 

We are proud of our membership with Clean Energy BC. Natural resources are critical to our province and we maintain a focus on helping to improve efficiency and output through the work that we do. Supporting industry bodies that add value to our area of expertise is really important to us.

Jenn Wilson, Managing Partner

BC’s renewable power management industry consists of proven technologies that engage hydro, solar, wind, natural gas, biogas and biomass, as well as emerging technologies including ocean/tidal, geothermal and biofuels.

By developing a viable power management industry and generation, electricity will become increasingly feasible through the efficient and green development of transmission facilities and resources.

Austin Engineering’s contributions to the sector have previously been recognized, having received the Clean Energy BC award for Operational Excellence – alongside research partners at FortisBC, Selkirk College and UBC Okanagan – for work on a project involving 3D printed dam models for hydraulic and seismic testing.

Austin Engineering has also worked with CEBC in the past, having co-chaired their annual spring conference Powering Generations: Legacy to the Future in 2019, and is proud to further the journey for accessible clean energy to all of BC.