Austin Engineering is pleased to officially welcome Ruth Keyes, P. Eng. to the team. Ruth is a Senior Civil-Environmental Engineer who has a working relationship with our Trail, BC firm as a former contracted employee; as such, we’re confident she’s a great fit for the team in her new full-time role as Senior Hydrotechnical Engineer.

Ruth holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering and specializes in hydrology, hydraulic design, earthworks, and surface and ground water management projects.

Her extensive resume includes more than 10 years’ experience as a consulting engineer with Optimatics, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield in South Australia, and Golder Associates in Calgary, AB. She joined Austin Engineering Ltd. in 2015 as a contracted engineer and spent some years in between at Mercer Celgar in the environmental department before recently accepting the position of Senior Hydrotechnical Engineer.

“At Austin Engineering I developed a passion for dam safety related projects; I was able to combine my hydraulic design experience with other engineering specialties within the team to achieve design excellence,” she says. “I’m thrilled to be back at Austin Engineering providing my experience to clients throughout the region.”

Originally hailing from Australia, Ruth has spent the last six years in the West Kootenay expanding her personal and professional footprint. Ruth has extensive senior advisory experience in many projects, including leading the design, analysis, and testing of hydraulic and water-retaining structures. She is well-versed in optimizing designs to minimize capital and operating costs while simultaneously maximizing operational efficiency and the design life of structures and their components. Her experience also includes the design of spillways, channels, pipe networks and shoreline protection.

“I’m looking forward to being part of an innovative team whose ideas can lead to industry changes, as well as to a greater understanding of the impacts that naturally occurring actions have on long-term structure viability,” she adds.

Austin Engineering is thrilled to welcome her aboard.